Practice These 9 Habits Before You Go To Bed And Experience Dramatic Changes In Your Beauty!

Practice These 9 Habits Before You Go To Bed And Experience Dramatic Changes In Your Beauty!

A proper beauty routine before bed can keep your skin healthy and gorgeous from the inside out.


Unfortunately, our hectic everyday life leaves us very little time to pamper our skin. And when we’re trying to find useful beauty tips, the internet floods us with information that’s often overwhelming. If you want to avoid this situation and stay beautiful all day, you have two options. First, you can use half your salary to talk to a beauty professional, or second, you can spend 5 minutes of your day reading this self-care routine article before bed.

1. No makeup please

That is serious. I understand that you are a busy woman with a lot of work to do. But you also have to understand something. Going to bed with makeup on is like a warm invitation to skin troubles and issues.


Let me explain the science behind it to you.


Your skin starts repairing itself when you sleep (1). The skin pores open and a dermatological repair takes place. But when your facial skin is covered with an inch of cosmetics, it means nothing but trouble. This leads to pimples and acne breakouts. Gentle skin exfoliation in the evening will help remove dirt and impurities that have settled on the skin and pores.

Practice These 9 Habits Before You Go To Bed And Experience Dramatic Changes In Your Beauty!

2. Hand cream is a must

Beautiful hands can multiply your attractiveness. Hard to believe? Then give it a try!


Wash your hands with warm water and mild soap every night before bed. Pat dry with a soft towel and then apply hand cream.


And now comes the most important part. Be sure to use a thick and less greasy hand cream. This will keep your hands hydrated overnight and when you wake up the next morning you will fall in love with your hands. Also, hand cream helps reduce dryness and roughness of the skin (2).


So hand cream is a proven must have.

3. Toner is a double must

Toner is to your face what your face is to you. Why? This is because toning helps to restore your skin’s natural pH value. This ultimately makes your skin resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms, and also helps cleanse your skin of dirt and impurities.


Simply put a small amount of toner on a cotton pad and gently rub onto your face and neck. Trust me, the next morning you’ll get even prettier, so you might even feel like kissing yourself.

Practice These 9 Habits Before You Go To Bed And Experience Dramatic Changes In Your Beauty!

4. Don't forget the eye cream

let me tell you something


If there’s one thing in this world whose beauty never fails, it’s a woman’s eyes.


And it’s definitely important to look out for that elegance, isn’t it? Before catching some zzzzes, remove all your eye makeup and apply a moisturizing eye cream! An eye cream can do a lot of good for your eyes; Ingredients like peptides in eye creams can moisturize your eyes and also reduce wrinkles and fine lines (3).


Just make sure you use a light eye cream that contains antioxidants, caffeine, peptides and brighteners.

5. Tie your hair up

It’s always best to sleep with your hair tied back. No, that’s not my personal opinion. Sleeping with your hair in a bun can save you those annoying tangles and knots in the morning.


Also, hair contains oils and dirt, which can get on your face and lead to acne breakouts and other problems (4). You wouldn’t want that, would you?

6. Vaseline for your feet

Your feet – something that should never be ignored. They undeniably reflect your personality and you need to make sure they are flawless. Always.


Wash your feet with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Apply petroleum jelly to your feet and watch them become soft and beautiful within days! Vaseline is commonly used to prevent skin from drying out (5).

7. Brush your teeth every night

Here comes one of the most important beauty rituals before bed. Beauty is not only a question of the outside, but also of the inside. If your breath doesn’t smell right, getting fashion advice from Jennifer Lawrence or Paulina Vega wouldn’t make much of a difference.


So make sure to brush your teeth every night before bed and make sure you do it after a 30 minute break after dinner. Also, floss your teeth and rinse your mouth with warm water. An important point to keep in mind is that flossing should be done before brushing (6).

Practice These 9 Habits Before You Go To Bed And Experience Dramatic Changes In Your Beauty!

8. Start using silk pillowcases

Do you think even the pillowcases you use can determine your beauty? Well you have to.


And there are two reasons.


First, silk contains a number of natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids that are beneficial for your skin. And secondly, unlike cotton pillowcases, silk pillowcases do not leave annoying silk lines or silk creases on the face.


  1. Sleep well


My mother says that as a child I slept just over 18 hours a day. If I had the chance, I would love to do the same thing now.

*Just kidding*

To put it in a nutshell, we all know that sleep is important and a source of relaxation. There is no doubt that lack of sleep can lead to dark circles and bags under the eyes (7), two of the greatest beauty disasters in a person. So make sure you get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.



Also, make sure to turn off all electronic devices before bed. Mobile phones or televisions are taboo in your bedroom.


It is important to take care of your skin at night. It’s the ideal time to give your skin the opportunity to regenerate and repair itself. Your body is not exposed to environmental stresses such as sunshine, pollution, and extreme temperatures during the day. While you sleep, your skin gets a break from the stress of the day. You can incorporate a night cream and face mask into your skincare routine to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate skin.


Make the most of your nighttime hours to get the beauty sleep you desire. Follow the important tips in the article and incorporate the nine beauty routines before bed to rejuvenate and heal your skin and wake up younger and more beautiful.

In summary, adopting these nine beauty habits before bed can have a transformative effect on your skin and beauty. By consistently following these simple practices, such as B. removing makeup, moisturizing hands, using toner, moisturizing eyes, tying back hair, applying petroleum jelly to feet, brushing teeth, using silk pillowcases and getting enough sleep, you can wake up refreshed and relaxed with a radiant appearance. Take advantage of these self-care routines and you will see dramatic changes in your beauty.

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