The 10 Most Amazing Korean Dress Styles and a Fashion Guide

The 10 Most Amazing Korean Dress Styles and a Fashion Guide

The immense popularity of the Korean style of dress worldwide cannot be denied. It has captured the hearts of fashion lovers for all the right reasons. So is it any wonder that Seoul Fashion Week, which started in 2013, is now an absolute trend and designers from all over the world are always willing to take part? This inspired us to create this article all about Korean fashion. If you want to learn more, scroll down!

1. Add layers with texture

Korean fashion is not just about short clothes. If you look closely, you can see textures, patterns and asymmetries. Complement your jumpsuit, pantsuit or button down dress with a faux fur jacket. You could also take it a step further and add combat boots and round glasses – maybe with a pink tint?

The 10 Most Amazing Korean Dress Styles and a Fashion Guide

2. Pink skirt with ruffles and a graphic tee

Graphic t-shirt, winged lining and a side-swept elf – that’s how I imagine a fictional, badass and chic Korean hacker. Come on, we’ve seen enough sitcoms on Netflix. But how do you achieve this look? Pair the graphic t-shirt with a ruffled pink skirt (the color pink is almost synonymous with almost everything Korean), stockings, ankle length boots and maybe a wool hat in winter and look adorable.

3. Shorts and bold striped top

If you’ve watched K-Dramas, you must have noticed that this is casual wear for most Korean women. Although shorts aren’t new to any of us, pairing them with a statement blue striped t-shirt might not be my go-to choice if I wasn’t trying to make a K-fashion statement.

4. Plaid winter dress with turtleneck

You can turn to Koreans for much-needed fashion inspiration and they will never let you down. Check shirt dresses are everywhere, but because they love their patterns so much, they go all out with them, and so should you. Why the turtleneck you ask? As you can see, Koreans wear short dresses, but the neckline is never low. With that in mind, here’s a dress for a cozy winter night. Oh, and long socks paired with snow boots is another high street fashion piece these guys love.

The 10 Most Amazing Korean Dress Styles and a Fashion Guide

5. Oversized sweater and pleated skirt

A-line or peplum skirts and corset tops with box pleats are indicative of Western fashion. Move a little to the east and you’ll find that they dress a little differently and that the rest of the world can adopt a bit too. An accordion-pleated skirt that accentuates your feminine side and an oversized sweater might be an unusual combination, but because it’s K-fashion, it works. Carry a crossbody bag or box clutch to complete the look.

6. Ruffled Skirt

We tend to assume that K-mode is all about blushes, peaches and pinks. But they can be quite fancy, and you notice that immediately when you walk the streets. You’ll find Korean women walking around in combinations that we wouldn’t wear otherwise, and do it confidently. A ruffled velvet skirt with a loose-flap sweater or shirt is a punk look to try. Not only is this her favorite attire, but skirts are also part of her formal attire.

7. Distressed jeans and sweaters

Ask Korean designers and they will tell you that bootcut jeans, boots and graphic tees are love. You can combine everything in a single outfit or use them separately. The bootcut jeans and a big yellow sweater fit perfectly with the Korean fashion scene.

8. Winter fashion

Warm up your winters with a faux fur coat or a thick, oversized jacket. Koreans firmly believe that beauty is in the details, and that is why winter jackets with versatile cuts, patterns or designs combined with knee-high boots or combat boots are what you need. No need to stick to the regular color chart — go all out if you want with coral, yellow or blue jackets and geometric designs.

The 10 Most Amazing Korean Dress Styles and a Fashion Guide

9. Shirt dress - summer fashion

As we’ve discussed, they’re all seen in impossibly short shorts or skirts, but they don’t put much emphasis on showing off their cleavage, which is very different than in the west. But it’s amazing how they play with patterns and make you feel like you’re not missing out on style just by not wearing certain styles. And so you see a lot of off- and cold-shoulder dresses, shirt dresses, playsuits and shorts in summer. But a graphic shirt or t-shirt dress with shoes, tinted glasses, and a fedora seamlessly introduces you to Korean culture.

10. Matching parts

While you’ve seen many understated fashion pieces, you would also be surprised to learn that Koreans choose two remarkably unremarkable pieces of clothing, not only in color but also in pattern, style, etc., and pair them together, and that’s fine. Even if you feel like pairing this outfit with knee high boots or combat boots, there’s no stopping you – it’s incredibly stylish.

To sum up, Korean fashion has taken the world by storm with its unique and creative styles. From combining layers with structure to pairing oversized sweaters with pleated skirts, Korean clothing styles are all about experimenting and expressing your individuality. Whether it’s winter fashion with faux fur coats or summer fashion with shirt dresses, Korean fashionistas effortlessly combine patterns, colors and designs to create eye-catching looks. The key to success is having fun and being confident in mixing and matching different pieces because there are no strict rules in Korean fashion – it’s just about embracing your own style and making a lasting impression.

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