What is the correct way to wear cufflinks with shirts?

What is the correct way to wear cufflinks with shirts?

We know that with the endless choices available to you in the market today, it can get a little tricky to snag the best pair of cufflinks. But don’t worry when we get here. From showing you how to wear cufflinks on a regular shirt, to introducing you to the perfect way to wear them with French cuff shirts, we’ve got it all covered.


Tracie Jeske, International Personal Stylist, says “clothes make the man” and I think cufflinks do just that. They bring a touch of savoir-faire to the man who wears them, and make him exude style and charm. In the past they were seen as symbols of luxury and wealth, and they still are today on certain occasions and in certain elite circles. Accessories make all the difference and that includes your cufflinks!”


So you can also stop looking for the many ways to wear one of these. I’m sure you already know that cufflinks, often seen as a formal piece of jewelry, play an important role in taking your formal and semi-formal look to the next level. They are used to secure the cuffs of your shirts. The best part is that these accessories, which are usually worn with French cuff shirts, can also be customized. They act as must-have accessories to add your personal touch to your suit or even a shirt, better show off your personality, express your taste in fashion and also show your support for your favorite football team. This information should be quite enough for you to scroll down the page and read this article. light up!

What is the correct way to wear cufflinks with shirts?

Types of cufflinks

Men’s accessories such as tie clips, handkerchiefs and cufflinks are the perfect finishing touches to a suit jacket and complete any business outfit as they add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication.


Cufflink etiquette is important when choosing the right style, color and design so that they match the rest of your outfit and suit the occasion. When it comes to cufflink styles, you can choose between classic torpedo shapes and modern chain links. Cufflink materials can also be made from precious metals like gold or cheaper options like stainless steel. Cufflink design can be as unique as the person wearing it.


Before we get to the “how to’s”, let’s first look at the types of cufflinks available. This allows you to choose the trade fair that suits your taste and requirements exactly. Remember that cufflink gift ideas for you or your loved ones can range from personalized designs to classic styles that never go out of style. So read on to find out:

toggle closure

This type of cufflinks is very common. People often buy it because it is very safe and extremely easy to carry.


If you are particularly interested in accessories, then this type of cufflinks is for you. Chain cufflinks are not only traditional, but also extremely versatile. How to wear chain cufflinks? The visible part of the cufflinks is placed on either side of the shirt cuff and these two parts are then connected by the cufflink’s chain to ensure movement is restrained.

There are also a variety of designs on the market for chain cufflinks. You want a designer piece or you decide for a discreet one; you have them all!

What is the correct way to wear cufflinks with shirts?

Solid back

These cufflinks are very traditional making them perfect for special occasions especially weddings and the like. In addition, they are durable and you can rely on them every day. The back and pin of these cufflinks are only one part, and this part is attached behind the accessory.

whale back

If you want to try both an understated and stylish look, whaleback cufflinks are perfect. They are small and easy to carry. The shank of these cufflinks is hollow for added versatility.


These cufflinks are somewhat similar to whaleback cufflinks. They are compact and small. If you want a minimalist look, you should definitely get this one. They are light in weight, making them an essential accessory for almost everyone.

bullet back

The ball back consists of a cylinder placed between two twisted rods to securely attach the cufflinks. It is simple and yet striking. If you’re a passionate believer in the phrase “less is more,” then these are for you.

ball return

These easy to wear cufflinks come in a wide range. Various ball return cufflinks vary in size and design, but they are absolutely elegant and attractive. And the best part? You can gently press against the ball while putting the cufflink through the cuff’s holes.


If in doubt, you can always opt for knotted cufflinks. There is no doubt that these are unique accessories that can catch people’s attention immediately.

What is the correct way to wear cufflinks with shirts?

Cufflinks: how to wear them?

Proper cufflink placement is an essential part of creating a sleek and professional look. Now let’s get a quick idea of how to wear cufflinks properly. Below are some tips that might be helpful.


If you are wondering how to wear double cuff cufflinks, then gently fold the cuff back. Keep an eye on the outermost corner edges of the cuff, which are closest to your fingers. Make sure you fold them to create a perfectly even lining. However, if you don’t know how to wear cufflinks with a single cuff shirt, don’t worry. This step would not even be necessary.

Make sure the holes on either side of the cuff line up for easy insertion of the accessory.


Always ensure that the decorative part of the cufflink faces outwards when the shackles are on the sides of your frame. And the remaining part of the accessory material should be passed through the layers of cuff fabric and then attached directly on the opposite side. Keep in mind, however, that cufflinks come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and can have different attachment methods.

What kind of shirt do you wear with cufflinks?

French cuff shirts, also known as double cuff shirts, are commonly shirts that are worn with cufflinks. Yes, there is a reason for that. These shirts have extra long cuffs. This extra fabric can be folded back over the cuff portion of the shirt. Also, the cuff sides of these shirts are without buttons to connect them to the cuffs. Instead, there are some holes on either side of the cuff to put your cufflinks in. So once you are done attaching the cufflinks to this shirt, you can start with this super classy and more elegant look. Although a French cuff is recommended, cufflinks also go great with shirts with a single cuff. And what’s more, this variety is always available in stores. For a more casual and relaxed look, you can definitely try this model.

How do you wear cufflinks with a regular shirt?

Wondering how to wear cufflinks on a regular shirt? Below are some steps you should follow.


Reach for the sleeves of the shirt and pinch the cuffs to iron the insides.

Now slide the cufflink into the holes of the cuff. As mentioned before, make sure the decorative part of the cufflink is facing straight out when your arms are at your side.

Then, depending on the style of cufflink, clip it just behind the cuff. Voila! Now it can start!

In summary, cufflinks add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, especially when paired with French cuff shirts. They come in a variety of styles, materials and designs, allowing you to customize your look and express your fashion sense. Whether you choose a toggle clasp, chain, solid clasp, whale clasp, ball clasp, ball clasp, knotted cufflinks, or other types of cufflinks, proper placement is essential for a sleek and elegant appearance. French cuff shirts are traditionally worn with cufflinks but can also be worn with regular shirts to enhance your style. So let yourself be seduced by the classic charm of cufflinks to complete your formal and semi-formal attire with sophistication.

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