The secret of shiny nails

The secret of shiny nails

Nail polishes seem like a quick way to get shiny nails, but they may not be the best choice for nail care and hygiene. But here are some shiny nails secrets for you. Your nail polishes are most likely full of chemicals that will dry out your nails and cuticles. The preservative in their formula acts as a barrier and prevents oxygen from entering the nail. It’s only natural for your nails to look dry and damaged due to a lack of adequate oxygen for the cuticles that surround them. Pedicure and aesthetics are also essential for proper care and lifestyle. Shiny nails come from good nutrition and natural remedies right in your kitchen! So it’s high time you took a break from the regular painting of your nails and gave them some breathing space. Scroll down for some ideas!

The secret of shiny nails

Maintain your health

Many people endorse nail products that claim to magically strengthen and lengthen nails within days. We spend a lot of money on it, but the result is always zero. Our nails are still brittle, dry, weak and lifeless. Have you ever wondered why they don’t work? Since you need to be healthier first to get shiny nails, not only the topical treatments work. Nails always reflect our overall health. So check them carefully. Foods rich in B complex, iron, vitamins A, C, D and calcium are very important for nail health. Add fresh veggies, nuts, whole grains, and greens to get your nail vitamins. In addition, to maintain nail health, it is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Remember: healthy nails always shine!

Vaseline works

Always carry a small can of petroleum jelly in your purse. Take some and massage your nails gently after every hand wash. This prevents moisture loss and your well-groomed nails will shine forever! If you are lazy with other treatments, petroleum jelly or any other petroleum jelly will help. Massage your nails with it, especially after every bath and every night before bed. You can also use colorless lip balms as a nail cream, they work wonders. Nail care is all about keeping your nails moisturized and using a top coat and base coat for proper nail protection.

The secret of shiny nails

Homemade nail bath for shiny nails

Isn’t it a matter of course to make your own nail soap from kitchen ingredients? Of course, it’s also very simple, you can create it in seconds. Many of the kitchen ingredients contain antioxidants, which are essential for nail health. They strengthen the nails and make them look beautiful and shiny. Check out the following recipes and try them in your free time to become the owner of shiny beautiful nails.

i) Olive oil for nails

Olive oil is an excellent natural remedy that is found in most cosmetic products and works wonders in healing damaged, brittle nails. Heat the olive oil until warm, making sure it’s not hot. Now pour this into a bowl and dip your nails in the warm oil. If you do this for your toenails, make the tub big. Leave on for 2 minutes, remove hands and wear cotton gloves. You can leave this overnight or for an hour depending on your preference. Then wash off with fresh water and moisturize with a good hand and nail cream.


Don’t have time or just feel lazy? Leave your worries behind. Pour some warm milk into a bowl and dip your nails into the milk. Wait a few minutes and let your nails absorb the nutrients from the milk. Wash off and moisturize with a nail cream or even a cold cream.

The secret of shiny nails

rose water

With crushed rose water mixed with avocado, it also works as a nourishing nail soak. Brittle and dull nails are cared for and moisturized by regular nail baths. Good nutrition is the key to shiny nails.

Important tips to keep in mind:

Avoid acetone-based nail polishes if you want shiny nails. They will surely make your nails brittle and damaged.

Wear gloves when doing household chores like washing clothes and dishes, as they can cause nail peeling.

After consulting your doctor, ensure a healthy diet with biotin and zinc supplements. This works great and shows faster results.


While regular use of nail polish can result in shiny nails, in the long run it can lead to dry and brittle nails. It is important to prioritize the health and beauty of the nails. Instead of spending too much money on nail polish or fake nails, you can smooth and add shine to your nails by eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, nuts and whole grains, and plenty of water. You can make homemade nail baths with olive oil or milk to moisturize your nails. Additionally, exfoliation and buffing are critical to removing dead skin cells and promoting healthy and shiny nail growth. If you follow these shiny nails secrets mentioned in this article, your nails will stay strong and healthy.

In summary, the secret to shiny nails is to establish a comprehensive nail care routine and prioritize your overall health. Avoid harsh chemicals like acetone-based nail polish and protect your nails when doing housework to prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. Instead of solely relying on nail polishes, consider natural remedies like using olive oil or milk for nail baths to keep your nails moisturized and nourished.


Remember that healthy nails always reflect a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, make sure you eat a balanced diet, make sure you drink enough fluids and, after consulting your doctor, consider taking biotin and zinc supplements. Regular exfoliation and buffing can also help remove dead skin cells and promote healthy nail growth.

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