What is a tinted moisturizer and what are its benefits?

What is a tinted moisturizer and what are its benefits?

There are many creams, lotions, and moisturizers that you use daily in your beauty routine. But have you ever heard of a tinted moisturizer? For your everyday makeup, foundations are not the right choice. Instead, you need something lightweight and seamless that blends well with your skin, giving you an even complexion and natural-looking glow. You may have heard of BB and CC creams, but with all the products, liquids, sticks, and tints, it could be overwhelming to narrow down to the formula that works best for you. It is a product that bridges the gap between skincare and makeup. On days when you want to apply your makeup quickly and minimally, it can help conceal imperfections and add a radiant glow.


If you’ve never heard of a tinted moisturizer, you’ve come to the right place. This post is your ultimate guide to choosing a tinted moisturizer. Read on to find out more!

What is a tinted moisturizer and what are its benefits?

Tinted moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer, as the name suggests, is a moisturizer with a slight tint. It gives the skin a slightly polished look or a slight tint compared to a foundation. It contains humectants, antioxidants and some other ingredients like iron oxides and titanium dioxide that give your skin a youthful look.


One difference between the foundation and the tinted moisturizer is that the former has titanium oxide present at about 14-15%, while the latter has it present at only about 3%. This ingredient is used to add color to the skin.


A foundation is used to cover the skin in an even, shaded layer, creating the makeup base for flawless and perfect-looking skin that still needs depth through contouring, highlighting and concealing when there is hyperpigmentation. While the best tinted moisturizer works just like a good moisturizer, it hydrates the skin while evening out the complexion and leaving a smooth and silky finish for a natural, makeup-free look.


While a foundation will give your skin a glowing tone, it’s not that easy to apply. For adequate coverage, you need to dab it perfectly all over the skin. The main benefit of a tinted moisturizer is that you don’t have to worry about applying it.


As with any other lotion or cream, simply take a small amount and apply to the skin. Even if you like the dewy look, this product alone will do. No powder is necessary at all. If you’re more of a matte lover, use a translucent powder and you’re done. So choose the one that is closest to your skin tone. Also, this product is suitable for beauties with dry to combination skin as it adds oiliness to the skin.

What is a tinted moisturizer and what are its benefits?

Pros: Why Use Tinted Moisturizer?

The consistency is thinner than all other creams like Foundation and BB Cream.

It feels very light on the skin.

Unlike a BB cream, you can choose from a wide range of shades.

Hydrates and hydrates your skin.


Tinted moisturizers do not have anti-aging or whitening properties.

It may not be suitable for beauties with oily skin. It all depends on the product itself.

No pigmentation at all, which is very important. BB creams have the advantage of being pigmented.

They stay on the skin less and also give the skin less color.


These products offer very little SPF and can range from SPF 15 to 30, while BB creams start at SPF 30 and above.

Although tinted moisturizers provide good coverage, some people may need extra coverage if they have skin issues like blemishes or discoloration. A tinted cream may add less color to the skin but retain the same effects as a BB cream.


If you have fewer breakouts or an almost even skin tone, you can definitely go for a tinted moisturizer. If not, a BB cream might be your choice. Also, a tinted cream is preferable in the teens and early 20s, as skin doesn’t need much more at this point. As you age, the all-in-one properties of a BB cream make it a must-have for everyday use.

In summary, a tinted moisturizer is a lightweight, moisturizing product with a slight tint that evens out the complexion and provides a natural, makeup-free look. Bridging the gap between skincare and makeup, it hydrates and adds a subtle shine while providing lightweight coverage. Tinted moisturizers are easy to apply and suitable for those with dry to combination skin. A great option for those with fewer blemishes and an even skin tone, they offer a more natural and effortless makeup option. However, they may not be suitable for those who want heavy coverage or specific skincare benefits like anti-aging or brightening properties. Ultimately, the choice between a tinted moisturizer and other products like BB creams or foundations comes down to individual preference and skin needs.

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